Color Worlds

At once, unobtrusive yet glorious, At Ease colors provide an effortless elegance in their understatement. Versatility is king in this natural world of color where the ability to be completely casual and comfortable in ones own skin– – is the ultimate in true beauty.

Night Shadows holds secrets and breeds intrigue. It is the color world that promises romance and pleasure and tests our powers of interpretation, requiring us to feel our way by providing a freeing anonymity. These "Night" colors invite us to take risks, surrender control, and surprise ourselves. SHOP

Silverlight is the celebrity of the color worlds. It is glamorous, trendy, otherworldly and forward thinking. It is sleek and timeless and makes everything around it interesting. It can be both old and new, traditional and trendy, modern and ornate–making it enormously versatile. SHOP SILVERLIGHT

The Fire Dance color world elicits daring and awakening; it s the igniting of all our senses. This is the world of courage, decisiveness and acton and not worrying about the consequences. Taking a risk and feeling not just beautiful but magnificent. SHOP FIRE DANCE

Eternal and majestic, Alchemy colors evoke historical and symbolic richness emblematic of supreme achievement, prosperity and longevity. Just as the sun's warmth radiates, soo do the warm metals tones agains our skin. Precious and regal, a little goes a long way. SHOP ALCHEMY