Wings of Summer

 One of summer’s great gifts is the re-emergence of the many small, beautiful beings with whom we share the earth. Bumblebees, butterflies, ladybugs and beetles take their place in gardens and forests, gravitating toward the same fragrant flowers and foliage that we do. These picturesque creatures, of course, are not merely ornamental; they are indispensable to the renewal and growth of the natural world we so appreciate and need.


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This annual ritual – the unfolding of nature in all of its finery – has been honored for millennia, quite often through motifs that celebrate the tiny winged animals that come out to play when the weather turns warm. The scarabs of Ancient Egypt were associated with existence, growth and development and their image was used in seals, amulets and burial rituals as far back as the 26th century BCE. The miraculous bee appears in Stone Age paintings and ancient Egyptian art, where it represented royalty, immortality and rebirth. Ladybugs have long been associated with healing, protection and good fortune, while the butterfly is a time-honored symbol of transformation, hope and freedom.


I have drawn great inspiration from the divine insects that grace our world, in everything from my passementerie designs to our new Diana bag. In addition to luck, prosperity and renewal, I hope they bring to our customers the simple joy of owning something beautiful.







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