The Bridal Collection
Getting married is a profound celebration of love. Despite the social distancing, many people are still getting married, even if having to reduce the number of guests or conduct an online ceremony. While many weddings may have been postponed this spring, we hope that not so far from now, many couples will be able to celebrate their love with family and friends. 
This is a picture of my wedding-it was in Chester, England on New Years Eve 1996! When I was young :) 
I didn't want the typical wedding dress and so I splurged and spent most of my savings on a dress from my favorite fashion designer Morgan le Fay (  Her fashions are so quintessentially modern romantic and it was perfect for the day.  In those days I wore more traditional jewelry, I wish I had some of my new pieces then. 
Later in the evening,  I changed to an evening gown for the reception. It was an all night celebration of our marriage as well as a welcoming of the New Year.  I chose gold silk and had a friend make it for me-it was her gift to me. So kind. I still have the dress AND it still fits :) But I need a place to wear it! So I am hoping that there will be an event soon and if not, I will just dress up with it at home!

We have recently expanded our jewelry into the bridal space and we hope our jewelry can become a part of your special day! Here is our introduction to our bridal accessories. 
A simple but elegant hoop, Chandra  is reminiscent of the phases of the moon, this classic hoop has a lightweight wood base wrapped with a viscose yarn adding a hint of shine and a blending of modern with traditional style. 
Our Penelope bracelet is a bold statement cuff with an intricate beaded surface which sparkles and shines. With a suede base and magnet closure, the white colorway Pearl, is the perfect bridal accessory for a sleeveless gown. 
Our Clio earrings are a great match for the Penelope bracelet. These drop earrings add sparkle and magic to your gown with beading on both sides so whichever way you turn, you will shine.
To fashion your bridal party with Lori Weitzner jewelry, the other colorways of Clio, Penelope and Chandra are lovely options.
And if you have a wedding to attend, please have a look at our clutches.  
Please check out all our products on where 20% of all sales will be going to Feeding America for the months of June and July. 
Thank you!