Sometimes, More Is More



This year, the Met Gala all but demanded maximum opulence from its attendees with its theme, “Gilded Glamour.” Always known for show-stopping fashion, the 2022 Gala invited, and delivered, unrestrained glitz, utterly blurring the distinction between jewelry and clothing with a mesmerizing procession of head-to-toe radiance.

Nearly every inch of co-Chair Blake Lively was jewel-encrusted in copper and green tones that evoke the Statue of Liberty, complete with a 25-stone tiara (to match the 25 windows in the statue’s crown) and 90 carats of gems adorning her ears. Anna Wintour, too, was beaded and sequined in a riotously colored gown, on top of which she wore a vintage tiara and layers of diamond necklaces. The jewelry on display this year was not so much an accessory as a continuation of the gowns they accompanied – Lizzo’s stacked gold necklaces – and her golden flute -- merged with her gold-embroidered coat; Cardi B’s gold chain dress was a base from which stacked chains covered her lower arms and neck; and Amber Valetta appeared in pleated gold fabric that was echoed in her 4 bracelets, 3 rings, dazzling gold and pearl necklace, and, of course, her golden locks.

After years of caution and restraint, pajamas and sweatpants, eat-in dinners and staycations, this show of glamour was a reminder that more can be, well, more.



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