Samuel and Sons Passementerie Decorative Trimmings

I have been designing passementerie for Samuel and Sons for almost 15 years. Samuel and Sons is a family owned company that offers luxury decorative trimmings such as tassels, borders, braids, gimp, fringes- all with the end goal of adding just that special detail- to curtains, pillows, lampshades and furniture. Over the years I have created many designs using unique techniques of embroidery and beading and additionally using surprise materials such as hand-blown glass, fringe, cultured pearls and exotic woods. Often considered a traditional look, I have enjoyed designing passementerie specifically for a more contemporary audience.   

A bit about the history of passementerie decorative trimmings:

In the 16th century in France the Guild of Passementiers was established although the craft itself dates back much further to around the early 1300’s. The original origins of passementerie are unknown, but the trimmings were first used on clothing and then transitioned to also being used in interiors.

This craft was widespread through Europe in the 17th-19th centuries, as decorative trimmings were used for both aristocratic interiors and clothing with styles denoting status and social distinctions-mainly reserved for the very wealthy. The traditional techniques include weaving on narrow looms, cord and rope spinning, and tassel-making by covering hand turned wooden moulds with thread, typically silk.

Below, are a few of our passementerie pieces which have been the muse for some of our jewelry designs.



The Carolina Ombre Holdback from the Samuel and Sons Couture collection was translated into our Hapi Necklace, a waterfall necklace with 10 multi-colored strands which closes with a magnet.  We love our big statement necklaces as they offer a bold accessory with a casual elegance.

Our Calypso Necklace is a three strand necklace which is closed with an adjustable decorative knot. Abaca fiber is hand wrapped around wooden beads and it hangs approximately 13” in length.



 Abaca is native banana plant in the Philippines which is harvested for its fiber. It is a wonderful natural fiber to work with.


Calypso was inspired by The Dewdrop Beaded Abaca Holdback from the Samuel and Sons Everglades collection which is often used in casual and beach house settings.

Our Kali earrings use a special embroidery technique of French knots sewn one by one into sequins. The earrings are embellished on both sides and surprisingly lightweight. 

The original embroidery design was inspired by the Astra Embroidered Border from the Samuel and Sons Bejeweled collection and has been one of our bestsellers for years.

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