Ode to My Mother Florence


My mom passed away at the ripe old age of 93 --just about six years ago. 

We did not always get along. She was fierce, opinionated and liked to be in control. She also had a lot of goodness and kindness in her, especially when others were down. She loved to feel needed and she was at her best when she felt purposeful. In fact I think that is what made her an exceptional nurse.
We did not have much in common, but one thing that was always a connector for us;  our mutual love for jewelry. From the time I was little, I remember playing in her jewelry box and trying on all of her rings and necklaces and pretending I was going to a ball. Well, not much has changed. I still love jewelry and I am still waiting for the invite to the Ball! Here is her jewelry box.  
In fact, I have been so fascinated with jewelry for so long, that finally last year, I launched my own collection of what I like to call textile infused jewelry. Would my mom approve? I am not sure. Her tastes were more classic, traditional; mine more Bohemian, eclectic. This is her jewelry below.
She left me some beautiful pieces which although are not my style, I covet them because they are from her. I wear her wedding band every day and that makes me think of her--something I know she would be happy about! 
I learned a lot from Florence. I learned that love has nothing to do with whether one gets along or not. Love has its own strange and mysterious plan. It takes hold and just sticks.  And nothing can change that. Even when there are fights and disappointments and complications. For me there was never any choice in the matter. I was to love my mom. For my whole life. Regardless of how we got along day to day. 
So for all of you out there, it is a good time to honor your mom. 

Wishing you all well,