Keeping The Artisanal Craft of Handmade Jewelry Alive

"Throughout my career, I have devised and utilized many methods of textiles creation.  Innovation and a dedication to sustainability is one of the great rewards – and obligations – that belong to us as textiles designers.  However, in my experience, no machine or other mechanized form of textile production has ever been able to replicate the beauty, richness and unmistakable uniqueness of handmade jewelry. They bear the marks of their makers through their variations and imperfections, which foster a human connection often missing in our industry.  I feel it is critically important that we preserve the craft of hand-making textiles by creating opportunities for the artists who do it and by cultivating an appreciation for their talents and techniques. This project is my latest, and most dramatic, effort to accomplish those objectives."

-Lori Weitzner


The handcrafted jewelry pieces at Lori Weitzner are created to support textile craft, hand embroidery and the artisans we work with. As we collaborate with these artisans, we hope to help preserve these artisanal traditions that have been around for centuries. The beauty of the handmade jewelry is within the intricate details of the pieces themselves, as well as in the process of the makers.


The process for many of our designs varies, so today we will highlight one of our favorites, our Dalia bracelet. 

First, we select the base fabric which in this case is a linen. Then, the pattern is drawn in place, transferred from a trace paper. The border of the bracelet is stitched first and then by section the grey beadwork is sewn in, followed by the white cotton embroidery. 

The top fabric is attached to the base fabric, which is suede, and then each pattern is cut out separately. Finally, each piece is hand finished with a button and loop closure. This design comes in two sizes so you can find the bracelet which is a perfect fit for you.

In our current industrialized world, we often forget as consumers when we purchase products,  that its been made by someone, and it didnt just appear. We feel its important to remember to appreciate what cant be mass produced. These pieces embody this luxury craftsmanship and the love and care that is put into every stitch.