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For the first Lori Weitzner / IMAGINE blog entry, I wanted to share a little bit about the story behind the newly created Lori Weitzner brand of textile infused jewelry and accessories.

After so many years designing textiles and other products for the world of interiors, it was time to imagine something new, utilizing all the experience we had garnered.

Image by: Samuel & Sons- Artemis Glass Beaded Border

Image by: Samuel & Sons- Charmer Embroidered Border and Artemis Glass Beaded Border

Image by: Samuel & Sons- La Cirque Embroidered Border

I remember the first summer my team and I sat down to discuss the idea of designing jewelry, a brand new product category for us. At the time, we had no broader plan, except this initial idea that while we had been designing trim and fabric for a long time, we wanted to transform textiles into wearable accessories. We wanted to combine traditional methods with modern design aesthetics, including delicate beadwork, the texture of a luxurious silk, the technology of laser cut, unique embroidery treatments and special embellishments. All for the purpose of creating new and unique pieces to adorn. Thus, the idea for a textile infused accessory was born. We took inspiration from and eventually named the collection after strong female goddesses throughout mythology.

Our intent was for the Lori Weitzner accessories to evoke a tactile and sensory connection to the handmade, to unite the modern woman with textiles in a fashion forward way. Thus, creating a new trend. After designing textiles and passementerie for over 30 years, I saw a natural transition to transform these beautiful pieces of "jewelry for the home” to designing  jewelry "for the self".

Image By: @scojophoto -Chandra Earrings, Ariadne Bracelet, and Zorya Bracelet

You can see some of our first sketches here, including the design for our reversible laser-cut bracelet, Terra.

Image By: @scojophoto -Terra Bracelet

Image By: @scojophoto -Terra Bracelet

Image By: @scojophoto -Terra Bracelet

The design studio is based in the heart of Chelsea, New York City and the pieces are all made by artisans from around the world whom we have been working with for years making trim, fabric and wallcovering. Through this close relationship, we worked together to create beautifully bespoke pieces of statement necklaces, bohemian chic chokers and headbands, uniquely beaded bracelets with magnetic closures, lightweight elegantly detailed earrings, and Goddess inspired clutches and purses.

Image By: @scojophoto -Saule Clutch, Helen Bracelet, Penelope Bracelet, Clio Earrings

Building a new business from scratch has been a journey in itself. We have had a lot to learn as the fashion world is in many ways quite different to the interiors world.  Our studio was not only responsible for designing the pieces, but additionally creating all the marketing, branding, business strategy, website design, styling the photography, developing our special packaging, and the list goes on! While the journey itself has presented challenges, it has been a wonderful experience of learning and creativity.  It is so heartening to see the incredibly positive responses we are getting. As we slowly get it out into the world, my hope is that we will continue to expand for we have a lot of ideas left!

Image By: @scojophoto -Calypso Necklace

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