Golden Moment


Photo by Diverse Graphics from Pexels

In the months between the summer and winter solstices, the earth’s northern hemisphere tilts progressively further away from the sun. This of course brings us the shorter and colder days that escort us into winter. But it also does something else far more delightful: it turns the white-hot sun of summer into a truly golden orb that washes our world in a gilded light. For a while at least, we are compensated for the loss of warmth and daylight hours with an atmospheric radiance that bathes everyone and everything in a honeyed glow.


This is a fleeting gift of the seasons, poignant for its brief beauty, but I take immense inspiration from it all the same. It may account for the prominence of glowing golds in my designs – including my jewelry collection – and the appeal of these colors as the holidays approach.

Reflective warm metallics feel especially appropriate this time of year. They celebrate the moments we will spend with friends and family, and they recall the beauty of a foregone season.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

What we can’t cling to in nature we can conjure in other ways: golden textiles and accents, candlelight, champagne, wood burning fires, the star atop a Christmas tree, the glimmer of a menorah.