Goddess Inspirations

Ever since fourth grade, I have been fascinated by mythology. I love the stories, the lessons but mostly, I love the Gods and Goddesses. Especially the Goddesses. So it was no surprise that when we began designing our own line of jewelry, these Goddesses would become our muses. 


Below are a few of my favorites: 

The Greek goddess Selene was the goddess of the moon. Often depicted with a moon symbol on her forehead, she worshipped the new and full moons and drove a chariot across the night skies. Our Selene choker, which can also be worn as a headband, has a glistening metallic yarn reminiscent of moonlight. All made by hand with a velvet ribbon for easy fastening and adjustable sizing.


The Baltic goddess Saule was the goddess of the sun and is connected to well-being and the regeneration of all life on Earth. In our Saule clutch, the shimmer is made of golden glass beads hand embroidered in irregular rhythmic blocks. The luminosity celebrates Saule and alludes to the sun. It has a hidden chain for conveniently draping over the shoulder.  


Gaia is a Greek word meaning Mother Earth. In Greek mythology, Gaea was the personification of Earth. Our Gaia oval clutch holds the world in the palm of our hand. The jute embroidery on Shantung silk depicts flowers and leaves with accent beads. This bag has an elegance that can be dressed up or down and includes a hidden chain for conveniently draping over the shoulder. 


Ariadne was from Greek mythology. She fell in love with the Athenian hero Theseus and used a thread and glittering jewels to help him escape from the Labyrinth after slaying the Minotaur. She later married the God Dionysus. Inspired by this labyrinth, our metallic cuff is created by metal beads hand sewn to a base of satin and backed with a black suede. This bracelet comes in two sizes and along with a magnet for easy closure.


The Greek goddess of war, handicraft and practical reason was Athena. She was also the patroness of spinning and weaving and the protector and daughter of Zeus. A wise choice for beauty and utility, the Athena clutch has a hand embroidered leaf pattern with small black beads for a subtle sparkle. It has a hidden chain for conveniently draping over the shoulder. 

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