OTC Fragrances


Smell is the oldest of our senses. It is intertwined, biologically, with the emotio and memory centers of our brains as part of the limbic system, giving smell a uniquely powerful hold on us. Science tells us that that the scents of our childhood – your mother’s perfume, fresh cut grass, clean laundry, log fires – evoke the most vivid memories and emotions. Surrounding ourselves with these beloved fragrances is a simple, impactful way to improve our moods and create a sense of well-being. Each fragrance has been designed to capture the personality of each color world.

We define sustainability by ensuring job security for our many artisans. We achieve this by sustaining the integrity of the brand with handmade accessories and jewelry, thus guaranteeing work for our talented artisans.

Beautifully packed, perfect for a gift

Each piece comes in its own branded Lori Weitzner pouch or envelope.

Textile-infused, sustainable jewelry.

No machine or other mechanized form of textile production has ever been able to replicate the beauty, richness and unmistakable uniqueness of hand-made.


  • Monique K.

    Gorgeous selection of jewelry and evening bags. I've given the earrings as gifts many times. The evening bags are a luxurious accessory at a great price. Makes a beautiful birthday or holiday gift.

  • Lisa O.

    Lori's jewelry is exquisite! Each piece is handmade by artisans from all over the world. So beautiful!

  • Anabella K.

    Love the earrings! Good for all occasions. I find myself reaching for these earrings no matter what event.